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 Hello, I’m Clare and I teach yin yoga in Hertfordshire. I look forward to seeing you on the mat!

Four reasons to practice yoga with Clare…


Builds strength

You’ll find that yoga tones your body and improves your flexibility. Clare’s taught many different types of people – from blokey rugby players to people with ME/CFS. One guy had such tight hamstrings, he couldn’t even tie his shoelaces so saying that you can’t touch your toes is no excuse! 

Less stress

Yoga provides a continuous flow of concentration and calms the mind. The techniques can be used in your everyday life and tension is released by doing movements co-ordinated with the breath. You’ll leave with a sense of peace and calm that will last throughout your day. You might sleep better too.

More energy

If you struggle with fatigue – either from the daily grind, a stressful job, or from chronic fatigue conditions such as ME/CFS – yoga can give you more energy. By moving with your breath, you take more oxygen into your body and your mind is calmed – stopping it from racing and exhausting you.

It’s fun!

Clare believes in having a giggle. It’s important. You might have this idea of yoga being about contorting your body into improbable shapes but there’s no need for all that. Just come along, breathe, accept your body and have an open mind. And you never know, you might even like it.