About Yoga

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Yin yoga: deep stretching and relaxation

Yin is a form of yoga that works on stretching the body’s connective tissue (ligaments, bones and joints) in the pelvis, hips and spine.

Some people might think that the style is soft or even boring but what makes it challenging is the length of time over which the postures are held. In class, we hold postures for around five minutes and most are seated.

Yin encourages you to let go of any goals and ambition and just ‘be’ in the pose, finding stillness and deep relaxation.

Who’s it for?

Anyone can do yin. It can be particularly good for people who already do some form of sport. Perhaps you enjoy going to the gym or you run or cycle. You might already practice an energetic yoga such as Ashtanga, Power Yoga or Bikram. If this is you, yin can improve your flexibility and performance as you’ll feel more connected with your body – mentally and physically.

Yin allows you to find your limitations and helps you accept them, thus avoiding injuries in other activities.

Read about why yin is good for sports people.


Visit the class schedule page for more information. Clare also teaches regular yin workshops in Hertfordshire.

Gentle yoga: for everyone

Everyone can practice yoga. No matter what your age or level of ability. In class we’ll stretch our bodies and you’ll improve your flexibility. We’ll do some gentle postures and everyone works within their own limits – with the body you’ve got today, not the body you wish you had, or the one you had 20 years ago.

You’ll leave the class feeling relaxed and stretched. Your posture might be a little straighter and hopefully you’ll sleep better at night.


View class schedule for more details.

As a complete beginner, I was a bit nervous when I signed up for yoga. However, within minutes of arriving for the first session, Clare made me feel totally at ease. She is extremely encouraging and completely supportive. With her peaceful nature, every session is a welcomed period of calm and bliss amongst a busy London life.



Image: BKS Iyengar (founder of Iyengar yoga) and Sri K Pattabhi Jois (Godfather of Ashtanga yoga). Image courtesy of yogamandiram.com. Clare’s teaching is influenced by both.