Group mentoring programme

Programme on hold due to Covid-19

We all need support. In our physical practice, that may be in the form of a block or a comforting bolster. In our daily lives we all know who we turn to for advice or to share experiences.

As teachers of body and mind practices, who supports you? It can feel isolating teaching. We are in relationship with many people and – possibly – many places.

Conversations happen and situations arise.

I’ve been mentored in my teaching and have felt the benefits first hand.

Sometimes it’s really useful to talk things through with people who understand. How should I handle this situation? How could I have better responded to that?

This group mentoring programme will provide a space to have discussions about being a yoga teacher or mind/body/wellness teacher.

I will facilitate the sessions and provide advice based on my experience but we will all contribute and share our thoughts.

The conversation will be steered by issues participants have had over the previous month. Here are some thoughts on the type of things we’ll discuss:

  • The student/teacher relationship
  • Communication with studio owners and contacts at hire spaces
  • Running classes, workshops, retreats and holidays
  • Promoting yourself and attracting new students
  • The business and financial aspects of teaching
  • Work/life balance
  • Self care.

All conversation will be confidential.

Who’s it for?
For all teachers of yoga and other mind/body/wellness practices. You may have just qualified or been teaching for many years. Perhaps you teach privately or in studios and village halls.

We’ll meet from 7:45-9.45pm on a Sunday evening once a month for four months.
When we first meet, we’ll agree dates for the next three sessions. Maximum 5 participants.

My living room. St Albans, AL4. Address provided on booking.

£105 for the four sessions (just over £26 per session) to be paid to secure your place.

“I have known Clare since 2013. She is a grounded, insightful, thoughtful and honest practitioner. I highly recommend her work and I encourage people to attend her classes and her mentoring.”
Norman Blair – author of ‘Brightening Our Inner Skies’ and yoga teachers’ trainer and mentor