Three reasons to practice yoga with Clare…

Find calm

Yin yoga allows you to relax. By being still, you become aware of patterns of holding and tension in the body. Awareness allows change to happen. Paying attention to the anchors of body and breath stop the mind from racing.

More energy

If you struggle with fatigue – either from daily stress or from chronic fatigue conditions such as ME/CFS – yoga can give you more energy. By focusing on the breath, you take more oxygen into your body and feel energised.

It’s fun

You might have this idea of yoga being about contorting your body into improbable shapes but there’s no need for all that. Just come along, breathe and have an open mind.

Clare’s classes are as much about the mindfulness of yoga as the poses. She is a very patient yet enthusiastic teacher, encouraging her pupils to deepen their practice and confidence within a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. I always leave feeling calm, re-focused and re-energised.