How to freak yourself out about yoga: a step by step guide

This is from the perspective of my Dad, an almost 60 year old, physically fit bloke.

1. Dad says to me, “I think I ought to give this yoga a go but I don’t want any of that chanting stuff, I want to feel like I’m getting a work-out.”

2. I say to Dad, “Why don’t you go to some beginners Ashtanga classes? They should get your heart going.”

3. Dad phones me a few days later: “I’ve just been learning about Ashtanga yoga. What are you trying to do? Kill your old Dad?”

4. I asked further questions and found out that he had Googled ‘Ashtanga yoga’ and the first result was this film:
5. After marvelling at Steven Green’s amazing practice and gawping at beautiful Indian scenery, I suggested that Dad Googled clips of beginners doing Ashtanga.

6. Dad is looking into local classes that he could attend. To be continued…

Morale of the story:

  • Don’t try and run (or do a headstand) before you can walk (or lie in savasana)
  • And Google can be dangerous!

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