A Sri Lankan child’s pose

Frogs Sri Lanka As I practice, the frogs look on.
Serene, calm, untouched by the events unfolding around them.
I inhale deeply.

A cacophony of birds announce the dawn.
They chirp, squawk and caw.
I exhale completely.

Noted irritation at hovering mosquitoes hoping for a juicy breakfast.
Constant cicadas (or maybe crickets?) chirrup.
I inhale deeply.

A palm frond clatters down to earth.
Plump raindrops rhythmically patter onto fat waxy leaves.
I exhale completely.

The 6:45 Hikkaduwa to Colombo rumbles through sounding its horn, scattering barking street dogs.
Pythons and people remain unscathed – this time.
I inhale deeply.

The trees sway and the monkeys play.
The coconut cutter shimmies closer.
And the frogs look on.

This is my friend Sherylee’s place to practice.
And wherever I lay my mat is my home.


Thank you Sherylee for a wonderful few days of chats, dogs and hospitality. Sending you lots of love and blessings.



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